Fund Me, is a crowdfunding program at OHM Together. Every idea deserves a chance to become a piece of wearable art. You don't need to be an artist to pitch your idea!

If your idea receives 111 votes within 6 months we'll attempt to create it.

Fund Me

Let's have fun & OHM Together!

Fund Me by OHM Studio

"I wish there was a bead like I imagine it!"

Can you sketch it? Great. Can't sketch? Describe it using words in your own language or attach reference photos. The more you can describe your idea the better. Let's see what we can make together!

Submit Your Idea To Fund Me

How Projects Project

Want It Phase

As a voting member of OHMily there is no obligation to purchase. During the WANT IT phase we're sharing our wants, desires, and hopes and gauging where the desire truly is.

Give any project thumbs up to any idea you like. Only your email is needed. IF the goal is reached you'll have the option to purchase with an early bird discount if/when the project makes it through the MAKE IT phase and into the FUND IT phase.

New projects launch once a month, every second Friday. All projects submitted for the current month are launched in the following month. For example, if the project is submitted in October, it will launch by the second Friday in November.

Some concepts may skip this phase if the project is ready to go.

The price listed during the WANT IT phase is an estimated price and may fluctuate as we solidify the design in the MAKE IT phase. Price will be fixed in the FUND IT phase once the project design is ready.

We need 111 thumbs up for the project to move to the Make It phase.

Projects stay in the Want It phase for 6 months. If a project reaches 111 thumbs up within 6 months, it gets moved to the next phase. If it doesn't reach the goal, it will be moved to the archive.

Make It Phase

Time to get dirty. Once an idea reaches the WANT IT goal there will be a design period which varies in length based on the project at hand, the MAKE IT phase. Production schedules will vary for each concept, and consists of 3 major stages:

  • The wax/model stage; about 4-6 weeks from the start of production

    Fine tuning the sketch, computer rendering, or other planning schematics will hone the concept before the wax carving and master cast prototyping. When working with glass prototyping and sample creation can be oft times longer or shorter depending on the design. By mixing materials, adding articulation, or expanding the breadth of the design who knows how long the "making" could truly take.

  • The mold stage; weeks 6-8 

    Once the design is completed and approved by all the OHMists involved we can create a mold for manufacturing.

  • The casting/finishing stage around weeks 9-12

    This timeline is an estimate and will vary from design to design. Each project will have periodic updates to keep all supporters in the loop. Projects can take upwards of 3 to 6 months or longer from idea to completion.

Fund It Phase

As soon as there is a design that CAN be made (logistically), we'll open the FUND IT phase. 

Time to pay! Price will be fixed at this stage. Anyone can place orders at this time. 

Those that participated in the WANT IT phase will now receive a link to purchase the quantity of your choice and PAY with an early supporter discount.

FUND IT phase is time limited based on the project. Review individual item pages for further details. Think of the FUND IT phase as PRE-ORDERING.

Once the design is funded, and produced, and stocked in an OHM warehouse it will move to the GET IT phase.

Get It Phase

Finally we GET IT! This phase is where you wait by the mailbox for your new piece of artwork to arrive!

A project may then be released as a regular release and go into the OHM catalog, be orderable the regular ways, etc. Any remaining stock may be made available for purchase at this time, and/or any special order periods will be opened or announced.