Lunar Landing

Lunar Landing

Lunar Landing

By @rosaalmibarr

It seemed to me very original when I saw it in a Falla, and my mother (@rosaalmibarr at Instagram) loves moon designs.

At Valencia (Spain), we celebrate “Las Fallas” each year from 14th to 19th march, and in this period, artists exhibit their designs, which have been elaborated during the whole year, to the rest of people. The try to combine art, satire and, specially, a lot of ingenuity. The day 19, Saint Josep day, and father day also, the tradition is burn them. So, they are short-lived creations.

I found this “falla” near my house. I liked it because the artist plays with the Spanish word “alunizaje” which in Spanish, apart from the English meaning of landing in the moon, has the meaning of a technique which thefts use to rob from big shops, called ram-raid. That’s why we can see a car embedded into the mouth of the moon.

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