Collection: Pumpkin Carving Contest


Every year at OHM there is a pumkin carving contest. You can participate in the contest in the fall every year for a chance to win a remarkable prize: a free casting of your pumpkin creation in sterling silver. Imagine seeing your design come to life in this stunning material!

To enter the contest, simply share your project on Instagram, using the hashtag #ohmjack. Let the world admire your remarkable craftsmanship and creativity. We can't wait to see the incredible jack-o'-lantern beads you bring to life!

Join us this year for OHM Jack and make this Halloween season even more unforgettable with your imaginative designs. Get ready for a spook-tacular celebration of creativity and the chance to win an extraordinary prize. Don't miss out on this thrilling opportunity!

Let's carve a pumpkin!

Watch this exciting new video where we unveil the mesmerizing world of wax carving! 🌟 Join us as we demonstrate a simple yet incredibly creative technique using just a sewing needle and a tea candle flame. πŸ”₯ Watch in awe as the hot needle smoothly melts the wax, allowing you to effortlessly sculpt and shape your very own spooky jack-o'-lantern masterpiece!

This step-by-step guide will show you how to bring your wax pumpkin model to life with ease. 🎨 Unleash your imagination and let the Halloween spirit guide you, as there's no right or wrong way to create your unique jack-o'-lantern. πŸŽƒ So, grab your supplies, take your time, and most importantly, have a blast throughout this enjoyable crafting journey.

Get ready to impress your friends and family with your wickedly cool wax carving skills! πŸŒ™ Don't forget to hit that "Like" button and subscribe to our channel for more captivating DIY projects. Happy carving and have a spook-tacular time! πŸ§™β€β™€οΈπŸ•ΈοΈπŸ•·οΈ


In this video we present the marvelous creations from our 2022 pumpkin carving event, featuring exquisite sterling silver pumpkin beads meticulously crafted by the talented Emily Meyers. Her artistic prowess knows no bounds, and she astounded everyone with her diverse skill set. Using nothing more than a humble sewing needle, Emily masterfully carved her pumpkins, leaving us in awe of her remarkable artistry.

Wax carving tutorial

Welcome to our wax carving tutorial, where we'll explore various methods to create your very own wax pumpkin model, regardless of your carving skills or prior experience. In this guide, we'll demonstrate a simple yet effective technique using everyday household items – a sewing needle and a tea candle.

  • Step 1: Gathering Your Materials
    Before we begin, make sure you have the following items on hand: a sewing needle (or any pokey, metal object), a tea candle, and some tape (we used blue painter's tape in the video).
  • Step 2: Preparing Your Tool
    To protect your fingers from the potentially hot tool, wrap the end of the needle with tape. This will ensure a comfortable and safe carving experience. Please be careful and don't burn yourself.
  • Step 3: Melting Wax Away
    Now, let's get started with the carving process. Heat the tip of your tool over the flame of the tea candle. The heat will allow you to melt away the wax around the tip of your tool, making it easier to sculpt your pumpkin model.

Here's a helpful tip: Utilize a marker to draw your desired design directly onto the wax model of your pumpkin.

  • Step 4: Using a Wax Pen Machine (Optional)
    For those of you who are OHM Studio 2 Go subscribers or who have our starter kit and happen to own a wax pen machine, feel free to use it as an alternative carving method. It can streamline the process and provide additional precision. If your wax pen tips are too thick, you can grind them down to the desired state.
  • Step 5: Choosing the Right Tool for Your Design
    Depending on your carving idea, you'll want to select the appropriate tool. For fine lines and intricate designs, opt for a thin, delicate metal object like a fine needle. This will allow you to carve with precision and achieve intricate details on your pumpkin.

If your design involves dot art or other broader elements, choose a thicker tool. This will make it easier to create bold and eye-catching patterns.

  • Step 6: Reach Out for Assistance
    If you encounter any challenges or have questions during your wax carving journey, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or on social media. We are more than happy to provide guidance and support, helping you achieve the perfect pumpkin jack-o'-lantern project.

Get creative and have fun experimenting with different designs and techniques. Wax carving offers endless possibilities, and your unique pumpkin model will surely be the highlight of the season! Happy carving!