Kawaii Lucky Stars

Kawaii Lucky Stars

Kawaii Lucky Stars

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About 15 years ago, in middle school, a dear friend of mine who loves the Japanese culture as well, showed me for the first time the lucky stars she had crafted herself. I was so excited to see them, so tiny and cute! Almost like sparkles to the eyes. I believe she even gifted me one of those and I loved it dearly.

Seeing one of Riane's OHM in April posts of her star jar filled with those colorful lucky stars reminded me of that exact moment. I wondered how they were made and Riane was so kind to show me in a tutorial video how to make them myself and from then on, I've been practising with normal paper first and now with origami paper as well. I really love how fun and challenging they are to make. At the moment, I'm using them as rewards to develop good habits.

Interestingly, the origin of the Lucky Stars seems to lie with a Japanese folktale about a girl named Hoshi (= star) who loved the stars so much that she wanted to prevent them from falling by folding paper stars. One day almost all were gone so she folded hundreds with other children for the same reason. The next day, they saw a sky filled with stars once again, so they believed that each star was saved by the folded stars. Hence, their association with luck!

The beautiful thing about these lucky stars, which symbolize love and luck, is that they can be used in different positive ways. Some use them as cute decoration, others make lucky stars to gift them to their loved ones or best friends for good luck and a part even writes their wishes before folding it into a star and putting it into a jar.

How would you use your Lucky Stars? If you like the idea, don't forget to give a thumbs up to help me make it happen!

These tiny adorable origami stars from Japan are known as Lucky Stars or Wishing Stars. I made some of my own to wear them on a bracelet. The bead design for it would be in silver with each one of them in another enamel color. Overall, they should look folded and not too bright in color. I think nicely saturated hues would work well, perhaps with glitter/texture, an iridescent effect or different patterns. I added a couple of photos as reference.

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