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Face Of Australia

Face Of Australia

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According to indigenous cultural beliefs, Uluru was created at the very beginning of Dreamtime, the period in which the natural environment was shaped and life was formed, when both animals and humans were created. During this time significant landscapes formed by the ancestral spirits holding deep spiritual connection to and are deemed to be sacred. Uluru is one of these sacred landscapes.

As one of these landscapes, Uluru, the Aboriginal name for what had been known as Ayers Rock, is first and foremost a place name.

Uluru is a Yankunytjatjara word. Yankunytjatjara is the name of the Aboriginal people whose land Uluru is located. It does not have any specific meaning, although it may have some connection to the Yankunytjatjara words for ‘crying’ and ‘shadows’. Some refer to Uluru's rock as the heart chakra of the world. The shape of the rock is very recognizable and deeply associated with the identity of Australia's beautiful ancestral history.


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