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Inner Self 2.0

Inner Self 2.0

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One's inner self is only partially exposed to the sun's light. It may feel as if we are showing ourselves fully, but that is not true. So much remains hidden, and usually by choice, our choice!

When we prejudge the value of self before ever opening up to another soul, we deprive ourselves of seeing ourselves as whole.

Think of your private self. That self you become when you are alone, safe, comfortable, free of responsibilities or expectations. What are you like? Who are you? The WHY of existence is evident when you are here in the NOW.

You are a fool with a magician's power. You hold the keys to life's unlimited possibilities. Let your inner self open to others, and you... you listen to your inner self.

The original concept, INNER SELF 1.0, was the May 2019 Bead of the Month, a limited edition release. With only 555 created, you wanted more! So here it is INNER SELF 2.0, with a bit more of your inner self showing!

This is a blind bag item with multiple variations of the embedded glass. Designs vary from available stock photos, with each new production batch seeing new available glass. Due to the nature of blind boxes/blind bags, there are no returns, refunds, or exchanges on any opened items. No exceptions. All sales are final.


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