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Edwin Morose (Retired)

Edwin Morose (Retired)

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Before he arrived at the dump, Edwin was a token of love given to his owner, Abigail. When the relationship ended, Edwin became a bitter reminder of betrayal and was discarded. He arrived at the dump with a broken heart and has never fully recovered.

Edwin has the soul of a tragic poet, and the way he speaks reflects it. The loss of his true love still haunts him. Her rejection shattered him to the core leaving him doubting his self-worth at times. As his last name indicates, he also leans to the morose.

A good deal of his time at the dump is spent writing poetry. At times it is nothing more than greeting card drivel, but every now and then he comes up with quite beautiful verse. His best friend at the dump is Hester and the two can spend whole afternoons in long-winded conversations or matching wits.

Within this sad sack lives a part-time optimist. Often the little red bear wanders the dump aimlessly, looking someone to fill the hole left in his heart. Some days he’s hopeful, while others he believes it to be a pointless endeavor. One thing is for certain about Edwin. He won’t find peace, until he finds true love once again.


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