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Curly Wolfy Ring

Curly Wolfy Ring

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(Custom Order) [Sizes 4-13]

The Curly Wolfy Ring which is custom order and not limited. If the LE designs are successful they may join the regular OHM catalog of releases in the future.

Modern Dog guitarist's artistic creator and legendary alternative rock musician May-T Noijinda, inspired by the love and bond between he and Mowgli, his Siberian Husky best friend. May-T describes Mowgli with a face full of happy smiles.

CURLY WOLFY RING is Mowgli's head on a ring. Very cute and adorable details, can you see them, you have to smile as Mowgli was designed to have wavy curly hair that mimics May-T’s hairstyle. Connecting them together as one through their love for each other. In Mowgli's eyes are the letters M and T after May-T’s initials.


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