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Aubergine Adoration

Aubergine Adoration

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In remembrance of those who have departed, there is a tradition known as AUBERGINE ADORATION where we transition from wearing black to wearing purple. During the Edwardian era in England, it was customary to wear black during the mourning period. Once that period ended, people would switch to purple attire to signify the completion of mourning. Eventually, they would return to wearing bright colors, symbolizing another step in the healing process. However, time may heal wounds, but not all. In Victorian England, Queen Victoria herself chose to wear black for the rest of her life after the passing of her beloved Albert. It's important to acknowledge that it's okay to feel sadness, to mourn, and to be overwhelmed by loss. But amidst it all, it's crucial not to let oneself become overly dramatic. Instead, it's encouraged to open up the crown chakra and allow healing to take place. You have the strength within you to create the life you desire, to wear what resonates with you, and to embrace your true self. Be authentic, be true to yourself, and find peace within.


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