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MSTARI is the Swahili word for lines and you can clearly see that our new OHM design is entwined with sensual, mesmerizing lines against a mysterious background. The word mstari originally comes from the Arabic word mistara meaning an instrument for measuring -- so the Swahili word is sometimes also applied to mean builder, crafter, machinist, or anyone skilled with lines.

Sometimes the word mstari is used a person’s name. This proper name Mstari denotes someone who is practical, forthright, independent, decisive, and capable. Mstari is driven, efficient, and likes to build or develop things into a success. Mstari moves in a straight line from an idea to a goal to accomplishment. Are you a MSTARI? Then this bead was created especially for you.

Or maybe you just like lines and beautiful stripes of color. You are in good company. Mstari is often used in Swahili to describe animals that are marked with lines, stripes, or rows of patterns, like the zebra, the tiger, or the giraffe. With Mstari on your bracelet, you declare yourself to be an independent builder of successes and in touch with your inner tigress.

The limited-edition release is limited to 333 serialized pieces. A certificate of authenticity is included.


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