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Mae Gnome Pikul

Mae Gnome Pikul

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OHM Gnomes live in many different countries with different cultures, just like us. The only thing that Gnomes all over the world have in common is their pointy hats. This handsome OHM Gnome couple is traveling to you from Thailand.

Originally, Thailand was called Siam. Both males and females wore a loincloth wrap called a “Jong Khra Behn” that tucked between the legs to form a sort of baggy trousers. Bare feet and bare chests for both genders were acceptable formal attire.

In the 1850’s, King Mongkut of Siam established a new dress code influenced by Victorian England. He required his subjects to wear shirts and shoes to become “civilized” and he employed an English governess to educate his children in European language and customs. You've probably seen the movie based upon the memoirs of this governess called “The King and I.”

Urban women of Bangkok -- and Mongkut’s own consorts -- began to imitate the extravagant lace blouses and ropes of pearls worn in Victorian England. These blouses had high collars, frilly waists, and puffy sleeves that tapered down snug to the wrists (the name translated as “ham sleeve top.”)

In true Victorian fashion, showing any skin was now considered taboo. Siamese women continued to wear the loose wrapping trousers (Jong Khra Behn); but now with knee-socks and shoes. Our grand OHM Gnome lady is wearing this combination.

The gentlemen of Siam during this era, likewise combined the traditional baggy trousers with shoes, socks, and a suit (or military) jacket. As the 20th century dawned, Mongkut’s son, King Chulalongkorn, popularized a new style of jacket that he had seen on his travels to India, which he called the “Raja Pattaen” (or Raj Pattern).

This jacket had a high “Neru” collar and five buttons, and removed the necessity of a dress shirt underneath. A welcome relief in the tropical climate. Our OHM Gnome gentleman is handsome in his attire from this era.

Our OHM Gnome couple is so cute in their traditional garb, and would love to come visit you!


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