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Rita Mortis - Limited Edition

Rita Mortis - Limited Edition

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Date of Death: 1/28/77

Favorite Food: Fish bones

Favorite Number: #320059874 (her first prison id number)

Favorite Place: Hill 359 (It’s got the best stuff to smash)

Favorite Color: Putrid purple

Hobbies: Destruction of everything in her way as well as making lists of people that she’d like to beat down with
her bat.

Known to say: “Someone has to pay for my pain. Might as well be you.”

Before she came to life Rita was owned by a girl named Violet. The two were inseparable. Violet shared all her secrets with Rita. They were “best friends.” One day some bullies beat up Violet, stole her book bag and ran off. The first chance they got they tossed it into a dumpster. Rita was inside. When she woke in the dump, Rita was without Violet for the first time in years and it terrified her. Soon, however, her fear was replaced with rage at being taken away from her best friend. Hardened by the abandonment, Rita vowed never to be afraid again.

Though the bears have no “leader,” Rita could be considered at the top of the pecking order. If she wants the group to do something, fear of her usually motivates them into action. She spends her days destroying stuff and playing practical jokes and pranks on her fellow bears. If they take offense, she’s more than happy to settle things with a beat down. The only one immune to this is Redmond, who is her running buddy and companion. He is the closest thing she’s got to a friend (not that she would never admit to something so mushy). In fact, Rita has made it a life’s goal to never allow someone close enough that their loss would hurt.

The hard as steel exterior Rita puts forth is at odds with the truth about her. One she would never admit. If Violet showed up at the dump and wanted to bring her home, she’d gladly go back to her old life.


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