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The Summit

The Summit

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Everest is Earth’s highest mountain, found in the Himalayas between China and Nepal. It is said to be blessed with spiritual energy and one must show reverence when on this hallowed terrain. Here on our trek through life, as one of the most sacred mountains in the world, Mt. Everest represents the beauty, unpredictability, danger, and awesome majesty of our existence. Select this magnificent bead as a symbol of reaching your highest elevation, finding your true self, being satisfied, self-actualized, and remembering all you have experienced on your journey to the summit.

From the moment we are born, life is a long, and sometimes arduous, journey. Thrust into the world beyond the mother’s womb, there is an immediate and ongoing burden to understand our needs, live our lives, and discover our true selves. There is fear along the way and sometimes we must find our inner strength to keep going, navigate the difficult routes, learn from our mistakes, and reach that highest elevation. Only then can we truly breathe the purest breath, look down at the view of of our world, our vista of life, to see all we have achieved, all we have created, knowing we have completed the ultimate journey.

The trek through life is an individual experience for all of us and each journey is unique. THE SUMMIT is inspired by a location on Earth deeply sentimental to me and my own bead honours that spiritual place with the special engraving of Mt. Everest's coordinates on its base.

Make THE SUMMIT a truly personal symbol of YOUR significant journey or achievement on the base, the flat surface is ideal for engraving. Immortalize that meaningful, sacred, or spiritual place important to your life and bound to your heart by adding its specific coordinates to this majestic bead.

Design by Angie @dailycharmaddict

"My bond with OHM Beads has burgeoned over the past few years and I have become completely immersed in the creativity, artistry, and pleasure of designing bracelets and collecting these small treasures. Sharing that love with OHMily has been such a sweet spot in my bead journey and I am so grateful to the community for friendship and joy along the way. My life has been so enriched by OHM and being afforded the incredible opportunity to play a part in the evolution of a concept to the creation of a set of beads is a dream come true. This trio of beads in the TREK collection has spiritual and powerful inspiration behind it, as well as being deeply sentimental to me personally. The honour of being able to share these three symbols of Nepal is overwhelming. I hope you will find a personal connection to the meanings behind these phenomenal beads the team at OHM has so wonderfully created based on my ideas."


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