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Got Pot (Retired)

Got Pot (Retired)

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Did your Mom ever snap? Did pressure build and build? Did she ever need to go outside to "check on something?"

When canning sugar snap peas from the garden, it's essential to keep an eye on the pressure gauge due to the risk of explosion. Maybe it was you snapping in the kitchen with a massive pile of green beans and rows of glass jars with no end in sight. One must prepare if one wishes to eat all winter.

Pressure cooking is making a comeback, though it's true that a pressure cooker (or pressure saucepan) is NOT the same thing as a pressure canner. Both work by trapping steam and building up pressure inside a sealed container, allowing temperatures higher than conventional pots. This hot steam cooks foods more quickly, but only the pressure canner reaches temperatures necessary for food preservation—the right tool for the right job.

Then came the multicooker -- like the highly reviewed Canadian brand Instant Pot -- and home cooks loved the options: meats and stews steamed tender and savory in a fraction of the time OR a batch of chili or soup that simmered all day unobserved while you did other things. Best of both worlds in one!

OHM celebrates multi-tasking cookers of the world, and their offerings, with a stunningly detailed silver bead. Is it a canner, a hot pot, is it an air fryer, a rice-cooker, it's all in one once you've GOT POT there is no need to worry about snapping off again. Still, this enchanting little multicooker on your bracelet might stir your senses with the aroma of juicy pot roast, fabulous risotto, or succulent pork shoulder counting down to dinner time! Perhaps we're thinking apple sauce or some spicy salsas! The sky is the limit.

We are ALL like multicookers, under pressure every day with deadlines and expectations. Sometimes we simmer slowly, and other times, we build up steam and need release! OHM's multicooker on your bracelet is a charming reminder that pressure can be productive and yield delicious results too!

Who brought snacks?


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