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Sharking Around

Sharking Around

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20 Interesting Commonalities

01 - They have been around a long time
02 - They have good eyesight (really? Yes!)
03 - They can easily go into trance
04 - Their skeletons aren’t made of bones, (increases skating skills)
07 - They have a sixth sense
08 - They prefer to attack men
09 - But they eat anything
10 - They don't sleep. At all.
11 - They traveled alongside Ohmstalopithecus
12 - We have more in common with them than you’d think
13 - They have incredibly acute hearing
14 - Their biggest threat is human
15 - They can jump ten feet in to the air
16 - They can only swim forward
17 - They bite during mating rituals (what????)
18 - They are incredibly lazy
19 - They also have 360 degree vision (cameras everywhere)
20 - They have fire in their eyes

Was that SHARKING AROUND or #OhmBossingAround?


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