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"I wish there was a bead just like I imagine it!"

Fund Me, crowdfunding at OHM Studio. Every idea deserves a chance to become a piece of wearable art. You don't need to be an artist to pitch your idea!

Can you sketch it? Great. Can't sketch? Describe it using words in your own language. The more you can describe your idea the better. Submit your idea.

Each design concept production process may vary. The OHM Studio follows the rough model below:

Collection: Fund Me!

Spread the word! The price you see for the WANT IT phase items is an estimated price. The final purchase price will be posted when the item is in production. Early backers receive 10% off the final purchase price.
  • Want It

    Look for the green WANT IT banner. Currated projects are launched each week. 

    During the WANT IT phase, open the project & click the pre-order button to let us know you WANT IT. 

    No obligation to purchase. You'll have the option to purchase once the project reaches the FUND IT phase with early bird discount.

    Some concepts may skip this phase if the project is ready to go.

    The price listed during the WANT IT phase is an estimated price and may fluctuate as we get closer to the FUND IT phase and the project design is underway.

    Support the ideas you WANT by clicking the "pre-order" button at the top of the item page. 

  • Fund It

    Once (IF) an idea reaches the WANT IT goal there will be a design period which varies in length based on the project at hand.

    As soon as there is a design that CAN be made (logistically), we'll open the FUND IT phase. 

    Time to pay! Price will be fixed at this stage. Any one can place orders at this time. 

    Those that participated in the WANT IT phase will now receive a link to purchase the quantity of your choice and PAY.

    The project will also be open for order, look for the FUND IT banner. If the project reaches its financial goal we'll move into MAKE IT phase. If it does not get funded orders will be refunded.

    The more people that participate during the WANT IT phase the more likely the design will reach its funding goal. 

  • Make It

    Time to get dirty. 

    Production schedules will vary for each concept, but consists of 3 major stages:

    • 1) The wax/model stage; about 4-6 weeks from the start of production
    • 2) The mold stage; weeks 6-8 
    • 3) The casting/finishing stage around weeks 9-12

    This timeline is an estimate and will vary from design to design. Each project will have periodic updates to keep all supporters in the loop. Projects can take upwards of 3 to 6 months or longer from idea until...

    Finally we come to the GET IT phase as you wait by the mailbox for your new piece of artwork to arrive!

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Create something yourself and pitch it in the Fund Me program to watch it join the OHM collection! Everyone is an artist at OHM. Be you, be OHM.

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