Yakuza Neko - Funded

Yakuza Neko - Funded

Yakuza Neko - Funded

Hello OHMily,

My name is Kit @ OHM. I recently adopted a kitten and now I'm obsessed with cats.

This design has gone through a few revisions and almost ready to go to production. BUT it will only happen if it reaches 100% WANT IT phase. Help making this design come to life by backing it now! It is a lucky cat (Maneki-neko) with a twist. 

This Maneki-neko is not your typical lucky cat, as it is tied to the infamous yakuza, Japan's notorious organized crime syndicate.

This sterling silver bead features a striking design with a sword in its mouth, representing its dark and mysterious past. The sword's sharp edge contrasts the bead's smooth and polished surface, making it a bold and eye-catching bead.

Furthermore, this Maneki-neko is depicted holding a fish in its hand, symbolizing abundance and good fortune. The intricate details of the fish's scales and fins, paired with the Maneki-neko's deceiving smiley expression, make this bead a true masterpiece.

Price: $65

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