Witch’s Hut Hock Dangle

Witch’s Hut Hock Dangle

Witch’s Hut Hock Dangle

ARTIST BYLINE: Karen Reeman (@beadplay26)

Price Range: $40

I’m always looking for unique beads to update my bracelet designs. During OHM In August ‘23, one of the hosts challenged us to brainstorm new beads for OHM’s Russia collection. Several of the participants mentioned Baba Yaga, the witch from Slavic folklore. Their suggestion inspired me to create a Baba Yaga’s Dancing Hut for my Halloween and folklore bracelets.

This is an OHM Hock bead attached to the chain of an OHM Ball. When dangled through the bottom of OHM’s The Office, it transforms The Office bead into a witch’s (Baba Yaga’s) Dancing Hut.

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