Veggie Fairy Collection

Veggie Fairy Collection

Veggie Fairy Collection

By Myra Cheng Moon

This is a cute Veggie Fairy in search of yummy, healthy vegetables. She holds a basket and wears a garlic hat with a ribbon on it. Five different vegetable dangles accompany her in this collection: broccoli, onion, carrot, red bell pepper and eggplant.

This collection represents my dream collection. I grew up as a vegetarian and I still am, which is a thing I'm proud of. My grandfather was the only one in the family who turned vegetarian at a young age and he passed it down to his children and then my mother to us. It is something very important and dear to me, just like how I love fantasy. With this collection I also wanted to capture my love for vegetables.

If you're a fellow vegetarian, a great lover of vegetables in general or if this design speaks to you as well, pledge to make it happen!

For this collection, I also got inspired by one of my favorite OHM collections: Dirty Magic. I loved how the cauldron arrived with a surprise dangle, so my idea was to make a similar collection where the Veggie Fairy would get sent with a surprise vegetable dangle.

The brilliant part of this collection is that more dangles could be created and added in the future as there exist so many more vegetables.

Estimated price: $60-$80

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