Underwater Cottage

Underwater Cottage

Underwater Cottage

Submitted by Myra Cheng Moon @chenggggs_collection, @chengggg_designs

This is an underwater cottage in the shape of a horn snail shell with a sea star on top, a fish dangle at the end and a school of fish at the back. The doors are clam shaped and can be opened as well. The front also shows some seaweed next to the doors and a star shaped window. The back has some seaweed as well and a window in the shape of coral. Some dots can also be seen on the shell, which give the shell more of a "dirty" underwater appearance.

Personally, I am a big fan of cottage beads, because they can represent a home in a fantasy or different environment, where one could imagine and dream about. It's like wearing a little world full of fun details to explore and escape to. This design in particular holds my love for the underwater world and its sea shells. I used to collect them when I was little, so that forms a precious memory for me.

If collectors love the underwater world full of life and colors like I do and if the design speaks to them, then it would help if they could support it by pledging. Sharing about it on social media would help as well to spread the word.

The underwater world is amazing. Always so colorful, always so mysterious. A world full of life, ever so fascinating. I used to collect its beautiful shells when I was younger and I'm very fond of this memory. With this cottage design I wanted to show my love for this world. If you enjoy and adore the beach or the ocean and sea life, then this bead is for you.

Target price: $60-$80

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