ARTIST BYLINE: Karen Reeman (@beadplay26)

Price Range: $55

One of my favorite pets growing up was a baby painted turtle. Although I was quite young, I was determined to create the perfect habitat. I researched what turtles needed to thrive. I set-up a 5-gallon tank with water and a big rock warmed by a light bulb so my little turtle could sunbathe after a cool dip. My little turtle dined on lettuce and ground beef and grew and Grew and GREW. Finally, my turtle was so big, my mom found a new owner with a lovely secure garden where my turtle could roam free. I would love to have a Turtley bead to remind me of my beloved pet.

A funny silver turtle bead intended to make you smile every time you wear her. Wear Turtley alone as a mood booster, or with garden and water themed designs to cheer up the other little creatures.

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