Totum Lucky Bead

Totum Lucky Bead

Totum Lucky Bead

Submitted by Rebecca Cresswell @cresswellcreations

Requested price: $40-$60

My bead design is inspired by Native American ‘Totem Poles’ designs. Totem poles can be symbols of unity, tradition and spirituality. They can represent a family's histories, relationships, stories, beliefs and experiences. Designs feature animals and mythical figures. The bead itself could be cast in either gold or silver, its bead hole would feature on the upper part of the Totem as shown, and it would slip nicely onto the bracelet and be a lovely design because of its crisp lines! The back of the bead would have a continued design that would include stylized tail feathers.

I really thought a representation of a Totem would be appropriate to reflect spirituality and be symbolic of nature around us! I have chosen to include an Eagle for my ‘bead Totem’, as the Eagle represents freedom, spirituality, creativity and courage. Which are all things meaningful to me.


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