The X Files

The X Files

The X Files


Price Range: $150

"The X Files" is a series of my childhood and thanks to it I became interested in all kinds of unexplained phenomena. I think it will be a great bead for all fans of the series and space maniacs ;)

Hey Guys :) I have an idea for a bead related to the cult series "The X Files", where the main characters were Fox Mulder, who believed in paranormal phenomena and aliens, and Dana Scully, who approached everything scientifically and was skeptical. The bead would be made of silver and would be slightly larger than standard, so that all the details could be captured. I think the diameter of the beads could be about 2 cm. On one side of the bead there would be three Egyptian pyramids, with a flying saucer floating above them, and under the pyramids there would be one of the famous slogans of the series: "I WANT TO BELIEVE". On the other side of the bead there would be an image of an alien, and around it an inscription with another series slogan: "THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE" and a moon and two small flying saucers. At the top and bottom of the bead would be the title of the series with a distinctive "X" in a circle ("THE X FILES"). The graphics on both sides of the bead would be placed in such a way that when the bead rotates while worn, it will always face the right way (on one side it would have to be upside down, like in the bead from the Grumpy Cat "Ohm? No." series).

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