Sweet Dreams (Beadmas 2022)

Sweet Dreams (Beadmas 2022)

Sweet Dreams (Beadmas 2022)

Submitted by Emily Meyers as part of Beadmas 2022 design team contest.

What is this design?
This is a collaborative concept glass bead design. Understanding we are limited by the medium of the glass itself, we hope to create a dreamy, ethereal dusky skyscape-like bead with a hidden glow that is revealed in the dark. An engraving on the beadcap with our theme "DREAM" and black ribbonπŸŽ—οΈ for Narcolepsy Awareness would mark the bead for its special cause.

How is this design important to you?
This design was an OHMily group effort that supports a cause very dear to my heart. Proceeds will help support efforts to create more effective therapies and possibly a cure for people living with Narcolepsy.

How did your team come up with this design?
Initially team members brainstormed imagery based on our theme "DREAM." Most of these were designs meant for sterling silver. Mockups were created from team submissions and polls taken to gauge popularity of each design. A dreamy glass bead won the highest approval rating from team members and voting OHMily members alike. The name and the black ribbon for Narcolepsy Awareness were chosen by team members.

Target retail price of finished design $50-$74

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