Sundog skyline

Sundog skyline

Sundog skyline

ARTIST BYLINE: @schmoolovesbeads

Price Range: $50

I saw my first sundog whilst visiting Bangkok this year - and this golden halo around the sun was simply the most stunning natural sight I've ever seen, it really was blindingly beautiful! I want to capture the essence of this great sun halo in a murano bead - because I think the rainbow hues it gives off will be best represented in a design similar to Fairy Dust or From the Depths, including bubbles to represent the raindrops! Can you believe that forming a sundog requires refraction from ice crystals! So of course the murano will have some dashes of silver in there too :)

Sundogs have a deep spiritual meaning - and to see one can represent a shift in your life that will bring about positive change and transformation! It also means taking control of your life, to become more powerful and taking action - because a positive shift comes through hard work, with a bit of good fortune and luck on the way too of course :) It represents having the force to get through those hard times - and finding balance, harmony and stability in the path that lies ahead of you. All will be ok - when you look at your sundog everyday!

A murano glass with bubbles and design similar to From the Depths - though with a rainbow hue (similar to Fairy Dust) rather than only pink/purple hue. The bead will have a ring of gold down the middle of the bead - going all the way round - representing the sundog skyline.

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