Starlit Universe

Starlit Universe

Starlit Universe

ARTIST: Allymoose

Price Range: $80

I have always loved stargazing. Looking up into the beauty of a night sky full of billions of little points of blazing lights sometimes takes my breath away, especially when I catch a glimpse of the Milk Way. To me there can never be enough space & star themed beads :). I have always wanted the retired Star Universe, and I hope this design will serve as a tangible representation & reminder of the stars and the vast beauty of the universe.

This design idea was inspired by two older OHM star spinner beads, Star Universe and a cz spinner bead from an event. I envision a ring of connected stars. Some will be just silver (solid, and/or outline), while others will hopefully be made from star shaped cz. If that’s not possible, embedded cz within some of the silver stars. This will give the bead depth as well as a fun sparkle.

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