Stardust 2.0 (Beadmas 2022)

Stardust 2.0 (Beadmas 2022)

Stardust 2.0 (Beadmas 2022)

Submitted by Angie as part of Beadmas 2022 design team contest.

What is this design?
We want to relaunch the classic Stardust bead in a new, slightly smaller version. We’d like to dull the star points JUST a TINY bit so they do not poke. We’d like to change the back of the bead so that it is full of star cut-outs (versus the scrollwork on the original). We’d like regular packaging with no extra cost.

How is this design important to you?
The majority of participants on our team confirmed by voting that the original overall Stardust design needs to be preserved while adding the star cut-outs on the back to make it different from the BOTM from 2017. So many OHMies want the opportunity to own this beautiful bead!

Target MSRP $50-$74

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