Snowflake 2.0

Snowflake 2.0

Snowflake 2.0

ARTIST BYLINE: Karen Reeman (@beadplay26)

Price Range: $55

For me, nothing symbolizes winter more beautifully than a snowflake. When designing holiday bracelets, I often wish I had a snowflake bead in my collection. I’d also love to design a four seasons bracelet with a snowflake bead representing winter. A bracelet of only snowflake beads would be beautiful, too.

Snowflake 2.0 is a silver bead the same size as the retired OHM Snowflake bead. Similar to all snowflakes, Snowflake 2.0 will have its own distinctive crystal pattern. I’ve included several examples, but the possible patterns for this bead are infinite.

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