Skeleton in a Closet

Skeleton in a Closet

Skeleton in a Closet

ARTIST BYLINE: Karen Reeman (@beadplay26)

Price Range: $90

I have at least a few skeletons in my closet – secrets that in the past I have kept to myself. This bead helps me to look at my skeletons and realize that they are not so scary after all; that I can take them out of my closet and be who I truly am.

My price estimate is $90. If this is too expensive, I think it could be made as an OCTO bead.

Here’s your chance to remove the skeletons from your closet! This silver bead consists of two parts: a skeleton and a closet. They can be worn separately or together. The closet does not have a back so that the skeleton can be seen on both sides. Further, the closet is designed so that it can frame any bead similar in size to the skeleton. For this illustration I have used a retired skeleton bead from another maker. The final beads will be uniquely OHM.

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