Sam Ohmstalopithecus - Not Funded

Sam Ohmstalopithecus - Not Funded

Sam Ohmstalopithecus - Not Funded

Submitted by Karen Reeman

Hi OHMily! My name is Karen. I fell in love with Ohmstalopithecus and decided this cave-dwelling primate deserves a friend. Meet Sam! A baseball loving, club wielding, little hairy critter wearing an OHM merch cap.

Scientists speculate that, judging from their copious consumption of dino-delicacies, these hairy little critters loved to party. Cave drawings recently discovered on Rawr confirmed their suspicions. All genders (male, female, and nonbinary) wielded their clubs for food and fun, playing – you guessed it – OHMball! Scientists don’t know the exact details of OHMball, except they’re sure that there was an OHMpire and the goal was to hit OHMruns.

Start your own OHMball team! If you love OHM beads, OHM merch, baseball, or hairy little critters, vote for Sam to join the Rawr collection.

Sam is Ohmstalopithecus wearing an OHM merch cap! The cap is textured to simulate denim fabric. To contrast with the cap, the OHM symbol on the cap is smooth.

Target price: $40-$60

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