Sam (Halloween ghost)

Sam (Halloween ghost)

Sam (Halloween ghost)

ARTIST: Natalisis

Price Range: $80-100

From childhood, I was fascinated by everything supernatural, mysterious and magical. To this day, nothing has changed in this regard. I hope there are more fans of amazing creatures and together we will be able to bring to life this this little creature that will fit perfectly are Halloween-themed bracelets.

Hey OHMily my name is Natalia and I have an idea for a bead depicting Sam from „Trick ‘r Treat” movie.

Sam is a demonic pumpkin-like creature who acts as the enforcer for the rules and traditions of Halloween. Sam's name originates from Samhain, the origins of Halloween itself. He is depicted as a child dressed in a Halloween costume, which consists of an orange set of pajamas, and a mask made of a burlap sack with buttons for eyes. Sam drags a dirty sack around with him, but its contents are unknown, presumably candy. Despite his childlike appearance, it is more demonic than he appears, hiding a pumpkin-shaped head resembling a skull. Sam is a demon who was born in a pumpkin patch and acts very much like a child, being mischievous and appearing to love chocolate. Sam visits one town a year on Halloween to enforce the rules of the holiday and punish those who ignore and defy them. The rules include handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, wearing a costume, and never blowing out a Jack o'lantern before midnight. As enforcer of the rules and rituals of Halloween, Sam takes it upon himself to punish those who break tradition in the most brutal and mischievous way possible. His weapons of choice are a large jack-o'-lantern lollipop, bitten into to create a shiv. Even unarmed, Sam resorts to clawing and biting his victims.

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