PRIDE!!!!! - Not Funded

PRIDE!!!!! - Not Funded

PRIDE!!!!! - Not Funded

Hi OHMily, 

My name is Dennis and I have an idea for a bead to represent my description below.

My bead idea is called "Pride!". On the back of the bead there is an engraving that says “proud to be me”. In the middle center are rainbow 🌈 colors.

It doesn’t matter how you live your life, or with whom! Don’t let anyone say that it’s not the way it should be, we have all only one life to live and it’s yours. So black, white, red, yellow, tall or small, thick or thin, gay, bi-sexual or straight, transgender or handicapped, be proud!!! Be proud no matter who you are and what you are achieving (or not) in YOUR life. As long as you don’t do anyone any harm or pain and show respect to others I say live and let live, be proud. You deserve to make the best out of life and be on this planet, so do it the way you feel like it!!!

Do what makes you happy❤️ And show respect to others!!! “ proud to be me”

At the end of the day, we are all the same and we all have the same color of blood!!! No judgments “ live and let live”

 Let's make a nice bead out of this story! 

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