Playing Cards

Playing Cards

Playing Cards


Price Range: $999 for whole set. Or $250 per suit.

I have many fond memories of my family visiting my grandmother as a child on the weekends. My siblings and I would almost always play cards (Kings Corners) with her. She would get a little pouch of coins out of the drawer and we were so excited. If we won a game we would get a coin. It felt extra special because my grandma did not go easy on us. Once she was on a roll, especially when she was saying her moves out loud, we knew the game was over. These precious moments will always be remembered. The coins in our pockets that were stuffed in our piggy banks when we got home was the token of memories and love. I continue to play cards with my family and you better believe they know Kings Corners. And I am proud when my kids beat me, as much as I hope my grandmother was of us. Cherish time spent together with loved ones because it's always gone too soon. Enjoy it, as these are the things that stick with you and pass down to future generations.

This is an idea for a set of playing cards similar in style to Tarot Cards. This would most likely be a BBQ. If it is more manageable this can to split up into four suits to eventually collect a complete deck or just get the suits that suit you. These would be wearable and playable pieces that would be epic to own as a bead collector. This would be a cherished and special set, just like Tarot. Dream big!

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