Piggy Buns - Not Funded

Piggy Buns - Not Funded

Piggy Buns - Not Funded

Hello Ohmily! My name is Jiedilei and this is a project about childhood memories, family and friends, and also delicious snacks :D

Let's have fun times, loving memories, and try a piggy bun if you haven't already!

Enjoy a piggy bun with your family and friends and don't forget to fund this project and have your own permanent little piggy buns!

Ever since I was little, I've always loved steamed buns or "bao" - and my favourite is the custard buns in the shape of little piggies! They are always so plump and squishy, and I would take ages to look at their cute little faces! Because three little piggies always come together, they remind me of the fable Three Little Pigs - and that we should always work together to defeat evil! After all, three brains is better than one :) I hope this bead reminds everyone of delicious snacks, memories of childhood, and also to remember to stick close to your loved ones! I hope by this point you simply cannot wait to run out and get your very own little piggy buns :D 

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