OHMan Tribe

OHMan Tribe

OHMan Tribe

By Karen Reeman

Ohmstalopithecus in oxidized silver and bronze to be available in addition to the current silver finish.

The Ohmstalopithecus bead has many interesting textures that would look fantastic in oxidized silver and bronze finishes. Art can be a powerful tool for social transformation. As our common fictional ancestor, Ohmstalopithecus provides the ideal way to symbolize the beauty of humanity in all its diversity.

By voting for this design, people tangibly support the idea that we're all beautiful. And by incorporating different variations of Ohmstalopithecus in a single piece of jewelry, that we're also all connected.

Celebrate OHManity in all its beautiful variations with Ohmstalopithecus! Vote for this hairy little critter to be available in oxidized silver and bronze in addition to the current silver finish.

Before the dawn of time, Ohmstalopithecus was a community of cave-dwelling primates on the continent of Rawr. Scientists recognize that they were enthusiastic progenitors loyal to clan and family. Recent archaeological evidence indicates, however, that their strongest allegiance was to their tribe -- the OHMan Tribe! These lovable primates came in all genders and hair colors, but everyone was equally fond of spending Sunday afternoons at OHMball games consuming dino-delicacies. Just goes to show that, like us, they had more in common than differences!

Ohmstalopithecus in silver is currently available as a blind bag. With the introduction of oxidized silver and bronze there will be 1 in 9 chances to receive a bead with a particular combination of finish (silver, oxidized silver, or bronze) and gender (male, female, or non-binary).

I suggest that in addition to being a blind bag item, for a slightly higher price, customers can specify the finish and gender of their Ohmstalopithecus. That way they can collect an entire set!

Estimated price: $40-$60

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