OHM Tanuki

OHM Tanuki

OHM Tanuki

Submitted by Leslie IG: Meditatingmedusa

Requested price: $80-100

Raccoon-dog with small face, keen muzzle and sharp teeth. Known for their Buddha-like belly and their unique large ball sack which can be used to catch evil spirits (cool!). The penis always is tiny and sets ontop of the mammoth balls. Very gourd-like. Walking stick and straw hat, he looks like a pilgrim. Sake flask and other objects may vary.

"The Tanuki (狸), or Japanese raccoon dog, plays a very prominent role in various Japanese legends and folktales. The fictional Yōkai Tanuki called Bake-Danuki (化け狸) is known for its ability to shapeshift. Additionally, the Bake-Danuki wards off evil spirits. This formed the inspiration for the Tanuki statues seen all throughout Japan. In gardens, on verandas, on balconies or even on front porches, an authentic Tanuki statue is indispensable.

Traditional ceramic Tanuki statues often share a number of recognizable characteristics. For example, they are usually depicted with a straw hat on their head and with a Sake flask known as a Tokkuri (徳利) in their hand. Next to this, they often carry a wooden staff and a note with a Kanji character on it. The character can vary from statue to statue, but the character for notes (通) is quite common."

I think they are stinking cute. Most shop owners have them outside, for luck or to ward off evil spirits.


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