OHM Symbol Clasp

OHM Symbol Clasp

OHM Symbol Clasp

ARTIST: Karen Reeman

MAP: $40-$60

My name is Karen (BeadPlay) and I would like a clasp the same size as the OHM WHO clasp, but with OHM symbols.

The design of the OHM Symbol clasp would consist of two large cut-out OHM symbols oriented (one right-side up, the other up-side down) so the clasp could be worn in either direction. The face of the clasp could be shiny or (inspired by Kit’s laser engraving) decorated with smaller OHM symbols.

The OHM Symbol clasp would be designed for both the whip and the β€œS” clasp chain bracelets but have rounded ends to prevent the chain bracelet hooks from sliding.

The block letters of the OHM WHO clasp go well with some outfits, but sometimes I want a softer look. The OHM WHO clasp is great on the whip bracelet, but on a chain bracelet, the hooks slide.

A clasp with OHM symbols would be perfect! The OHM symbol is both distinctive and graceful. On the whip bracelet, the OHM Symbol clasp would have a softer look. And on a chain bracelet, since the ends would be rounded, no more sliding hooks!

Vote for the OHM Symbol clasp. Then no matter what look you are trying to achieve, whether bold or soft, casual or business or what beads you wear, there will be an OHM logo clasp to inspire you!


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