OHM Festive Bells

OHM Festive Bells

OHM Festive Bells

ARTIST BYLINE: @my_charmed_story

Price Range: $55

Bells announce the coming or arrival of an event, activity, or occasion. They toll for good times. They toll for bad times. Bells ring out warnings. Christmas bells are a popular symbol of the holiday season. Bells herald in the New Year. We ring bells to announce the union of a man and a woman. Importantly, we ring them throughout Christmas to announce the arrival of the season and to proclaim the birth of Christ. The ringing of bells can be traced back to pagan winter celebrations. During those times, noisemakers were used to scare away evil spirits at the night. Among those early noisemakers were bells. People had fun ringing the bells and making noise. It was too much fun to just use bells to scare demons away. So over time, bell ringing was incorporated into other events and activities. Bells are rung at churches to call people to gather, as warnings, and to bring people together to make announcements! And for these reasons I always wanted to have bells on my charm bracelet!

Splittable silver bells. Each bell has its own heart shaped bail and it should be approximately the size of the Morel mushroom dangle. Each bell should have OHM Beads logo around. The clapper inside of the bell should swing to make the bell ring.

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