Chewed Gum

Chewed Gum

Chewed Gum

Hi OHMily, my name is Anne Luisa and my project is inspired by my favorite color, Mint Green, and one of my favorites glass bead surface, Ohm Into the Night.

It's a totally unpretentious bead. I just want OHMily feel happy to have the opportunity to add a beautiful mint glass bead with a fun design in their collections. Just like chewing gum: something we do with no purpose but makes us feel better.

If OHMily enjoy chewing gum, fund this project. It's a fun design that you can use in Halloween themed bracelets, candies, green, pastel colors themed bracelets...

Chewed Gum was inspired by the Ohm Into the Night surface + mint green color of a gum. It's color is similar to Ohm Dustberry, but is a green with more blue (you can look for Pantone PMS 333 on internet, so you can see the perfect shade I'm suggesting). It must to be a solid color glass bead.

Price range: $45-65

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