OHM Beverage Can

OHM Beverage Can

OHM Beverage Can

ARTIST: Karen Reeman

MAP: $40-$60

A miniature beverage can dangle with the OHM name and symbol.

I love wearing matching dangles with my OHM beads and clasps. Sarah's fun and quirky OHM Can Tab is almost ready for the Fund IT phase. Now all that is needed is a cute little OHM Beverage Can dangle to wear with it!

The OHM Beverage Can is a versatile bead that can represent any canned beverage -- beer, soda, sparkling water, etc. I envision it to be about the same size as the beads in the OHM Coffee Collection. The OHM Beverage Can complements the new OHM Can Tab, will look awesome with the Coffee Collection and the OHM Jar, and would be a welcomed addition to the OHMtoberfest collection.

Beer or soda, no matter what your favorite beverage, I hope the OHM Beverage Can dangle reminds you to relax and enjoy the moment.


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