Nessie - Funded

Nessie - Funded

Nessie - Funded

Nessie is the second collab we've done with Jennifer Sloan @ClayworksByJen (

In 2021 we had the first collab, Biscuits.

It's very popular and you have been asking for more collabs with her so here it is!


Jen's first sea creature of 2021. She is a curious little babe with eyes that will swallow you whole in their large darkness. Her best friend is a ghost octopus named Wraith.

We've made a few prototypes of her.

Prototype next to BISCUITS bead

Due to her shape, we think she will look best as a dangle so bale was added.



June, 3, 2022

Nessie project is currently in production right now. Below are some of the photos from the the beginning to now.

Nessie in 3D


High resolution 3D-printed Nessie


3D printed Nessie with supports removed for mold making


Silicone mold was made using the 3D-printed Nessie


Crowdfunding allows us to assess product demand, avoid production waste by producing the right amount of the right design to bead collectors, and offer early-bird deals to the backers.

There are two phases in OHM Crowdfunding,

Anyone can commit by submitting an email, you will NOT be charged when you commit. Once the commit phase ends and the goal is met, it will go to Pre-order phase. If the goal is not met, the campaign will end here.
Notes: You will NOT receive a confirmation email after you commit. If you want to check whether or not you've committed successfully, enter your email again it will tell you if you've already committed.

When the Pre-order phase starts, all committers will receive an email notification. Anyone can pre-order but the early backers from the Commit phase will get a chance to pre-order at early-bird price. During this phase you can pre-order from your favorite retailer as well.

- How do I commit?
= Choose the quantity, click on Commit section, enter your email, and click on Commit button.

- Do I have to pay right away?
= You don't have to pay to commit.

- When do I pay?
= If the goal is reached in the Commit phase, you will receive a notification to Pre-order at the early-bird price. Check out and pay like you normally do.

- What if I change my mind after I commit?
= Should you change your mind after you commit, you don't have to do anything. As long as you don't check out you will not be charged, but you will lose a chance to pre-order it at the early-bird price.

- Does committing guarantee that I will receive the item?
= No. You will receive your item if the Commit goal is met AND you check out during the Pre-order phase.

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