Moon Magic Pot

Moon Magic Pot

Moon Magic Pot

Submitted by Myra @chenggggs_collection

This cute cat shaped cauldron has all the positive magic going on inside, captured in two different gemstones for you to pick out of. Rainbow moonstone magic for balance, harmony, mental clarity and to shield oneself from negative energies. Labradorite magic for balance, protection, regaining energy and banishing fears and insecurities. We all need some of that witchy magic when Halloween is drawing near, so what type of magic would you like to brew around that time of year?

I want them to feel witchy, like they create and take their own magic with them as they wear this design. I also want to let them feel the healing properties of the gemstones.

Pledge to make it happen!

The Moon Magic Pot has several moving parts as described in the design. The front has some relief and ingravings with a black cat dangle. A part of the phases of the moon are shown in relief on the back and the cauldron itself is textured. Inside is a rainbow moonstone, but if possible, there could be another version too, with a labradorite. The rainbow moonstone could be associated with the full moon and the labradorite with a new moon.

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