Hello OHMily! My name is Karen and the pastel colors of Meringues make me happy. Meringues are my favorite confection, and they remind me of celebrating special occasions with people I love. 

Meringues – those melt-in-your mouth confections – who can eat just one? Vote for light, airy, sweet, meringue beads in pastel colors of mint, blue, purple, and pink. Together with the current OHM yellow meringue bead, it’s a party on your wrist!

How can just whipped egg whites and sugar be so delicious? Chewy and soft with a crisp exterior or crispy throughout, it’s no wonder these colorful confections are synonymous with birthdays, baby showers, weddings – any OHMazing occasion!

In addition to being sold separately, I suggest that the meringue beads be available in a festive box of 5 (for the cost of 4) as an instant party pack!

Meringue glass beads in mint, pastel blue, pastel purple, and pastel pink are to be made in addition to the current OHM yellow meringue bead. 

Vote for the meringues so that everyone can be happy creating bead jewelry that reminds them of OHMazing occasions and the delightful experience of eating a meringue!

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