Master of Chill

Master of Chill

Master of Chill

Hello OHMily! My name is Marianne Martin @mariannemartindraws

This is a bead featuring an amazing animal: the capybara! He is chilling in a hot bath and soaking up vitamin C, thanks to his citrus buddies.

I want OHMily to feel the chill, and to walk around this crazy world with the most relaxed little buddy at their wrists or around their neck. He is a reminder to keep cool and to let go of the things we can't change.

Help me fund this cutie! It's capybara bead time! :D

Bead Description:ย A chill capybara is taking a hot bath in a rustic wood barrel. Instead of rubber duckies, he chose beautiful, chubby, dimpled citrus fruit as bath toys. He is even balancing a fruit on his head, maybe just to show off because you can tell: he has achieved nirvana. At his back, hanging on the edge of a barrel, he has his little OHM branded towel waiting for him. At the bottom of the barrel, a message to relax. <3

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