Magic Pumpkin Bear

Magic Pumpkin Bear

Magic Pumpkin Bear

Submitted by Myra Cheng Moon @chenggggs_collection / @chengggg_designs

It is a creative project and that the fun thing about this design is that you insert a treat (=the colored round bead) to do the trick (=see the color behind the cut out face in front).

I want OHMily to feel excited, intrigued and see the Halloween magic when they look at this design.

If interested, I would like OHMily to make the project happen by pledging!

This design shows a cute bear shaped Halloween pumpkin, with a cut out face in front. The open worked doors at the back open and any colored round bead can be inserted to add some Halloween magic! If possible, this design could be made with the round beads, which need to be inserted. Colors which come to mind are: orange, purple and green.

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