Magic Books 2.0

Magic Books 2.0

Magic Books 2.0

ARTIST: Allymoose

Price Range: $60-$80

I have loved books since I was a little girl. Like the fairy resting on the stack of books, I savor each story I read, sometimes daydreaming about the worlds in books I’ve read, and creating new story arcs in my head. I’ve also dozed off reading a book or two, though I’m more likely to stay up until the birds start singing, so absorbed in a story. A remake of this bead will allow those that missed out the first time the chance to have their own magical little reading companion.

A remake of a limited edition, retailer exclusive bead that I hope will appeal to both fantasy & book lovers alike. Still a fairy with books, but I’d like to have at least one of the books from the stack facing outwards so we see the spine & can have a title or OHM symbol on it. Also give her a belt or waistband detail on her dress.

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