Lift Your Wings

Lift Your Wings

Lift Your Wings

ARTIST: Allymoose

Price Range: 60

Dragonflies are marvelous insects that can fly forwards, backwards, sideways, up, down, and even hover in place. Iridescent wings and bodies make them a sight to behold in the sunlight. Spending years in the larval state, curious little dragonfly adults actually only live a few months. They certainly make the most of that time though, exploring ponds, fields and backyards, plucking their food right out of the air. They symbolize transformation, self-realization, adaptability and change, bringing a sense of mental & emotional clarity and an understanding of the deeper meaning of life. Seeing a dragonfly is considered good luck, and they’re a wonderful reminder to live life to the fullest.

I envision a dragonfly dangle in the style of Spread Your Wings. A realistic body & wing on half, with some kind of flowers (eg. water lily, and/or lotus, and/or sunflower) & foliage on the other half and a decorative bail.

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