Kitty Love

Kitty Love

Kitty Love

I created Kitty Love with OHM Studio 2 Go kit in early April 2022.

I used 3 beads in the process - OHM Puss, OHM Puppy Love, and OHM Beadmas Wreath (this is where the bowtie is from). I think the bowtie completes this design because it makes the cat look loved and celebrated. The heart-shaped wings in the back suggest the cat is now an angel (no longer in this realm for whatever reason). I think of her as a guardian angel that is looking after its owner just like the owner used to look after the kitty. 

When I posted a photo of it on social media I got a lot of feedback from customers who said they liked it. But I only made one of these, meaning only one person can enjoy this design as of right now. So I wonder - if enough people like this design and support this project, we could potentially make a mold of this prototype to multiply it.

Commit if you like this bead and would like to own a copy of it.

If we reach 111 commits we'll go into the pre-order phase and then production. 

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