Kitty Boo

Kitty Boo

Kitty Boo

By Myra Cheng Moon

This is an adorable ghost cat up to some mischief. His lantern is made out of sterling silver and green glow in the dark glass. Attached to the lantern is a small firefly dangle.

As a lover of Halloween themed beads, this whimsical design of mine just makes me giggle. It reminds me of a part of myself which loves to tease/annoy the people in my close circle.

If you love Halloween designs in general and if this design speaks to you as well, please give a thumbs up to make it happen!

A faint green light appears in the dark. As it draws closer, you start to question the phenomena. A bunch of fireflies captured in glass accompanied by a haunting meowing sound. You cannot see him, but his name says it all. The excitement rises up to trick everybody he meets along the way. BOO!

Estimated price: $120

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