Juicy Strawberry

Juicy Strawberry

Juicy Strawberry

I love strawberries so much that I made quite a few strawberry beads with OHM Studio 2 Go kit. All previous prototypes have been cast and sold as one-offs. This one is my latest creation from November 2021 that is still in wax form. 

This Juicy Strawberry bead has been made using OHM Liquid Heart as a base. I added leaves on top using sheet wax (a pliable piece of wax that can be cut, bent, and manipulated into shapes).

This bead represents just that, a juicy berry that is dripping with sweetness ready to be consumed. I have been growing strawberries in my garden for years now and when it's harvest time I feel blessed and excited to receive the fruit as a reward for my year-round TLC.

A mold has been made and it can now be multiplied if we get enough interest. Please commit if you like this design and think that you would want to own a copy of it. 

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